This image describes that the sustainable company Brovation has planted trees for a good cause.

We planted your trees! Pt. 2

We planted the second batch of trees! 

When we founded Brovation, our goal was it to support reforestation and to plant trees for every sold product. Earlier this year we planted 100 trees in Uganda to protect Chimpanzee habitat. Last month, we have taken a further step to help our planet and forests recover, help to protect endangered species and fight deforestation. We planted 120 further trees in Ethiopia. Be assured that together with you, we will plant many more trees all around the world! 

Overview and Impact 

This tree planting project combines environmental restoration with income generation by giving the local community the knowledge and tools to conserve their land, protect their water supply and create a sustainable, diverse economy for future generations. The project focuses on the Loka Bedelcha Kebele in southern Ethiopia and the Amhara region in the north. Both are areas where environmental degradation threatens livelihoods and biodiversity. These regions face challenges such as dry and unpredictable climate, low soil fertility, ineffective land management practices and lax resource regulations. 


‘One Tree Planted’ and their partners are committed to improving the living standards of smallholder farmers and marginalised pastoralists through better management of their environment and improved access to food. These trees are planted on community land and near homesteads and are linked to a sustainable economy for the local community: Fruit and coffee production, beekeeping and animal fattening. The project is primarily implemented by community cooperatives, while school clubs are established to participate in tree planting and learn how to do it in the process. 

Tree species 

A variety of trees will be planted to ensure that this project has a far-reaching impact. These include versatile tree species (Acacia saligna, Acacia abyssinica, Grevillea robusta & Olea africana), fruit trees (mango, papaya & avocado) and coffee plants. 



Thank you for supporting Brovation. If you have any enquires or want to give us some feedback, feel free to contact us at any time.


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