Our Limits

Transparency is crucial for us, as although we constantly seek to improve ourselves, we don't want to lie about facing challenges and limits.

Our Limits

We constantly seek to transform and improve ourselves, however, we´re aware that there are still challenges and limits to overcome.

Slow Fashion

Whilst we are proud of our products and the materials we use, as a sustainable fashion brand, we need to ask ourselves whether the production and purchase of new products is necessary. One of the biggest questions and challenges for us is: how can we support slow fashion, but at the same time also generate sufficient profits to grow and survive as a company. Although many will argue that the most sustainable way is to not produce anything new, we do not believe that this is realistic in our globalised and consuming world. We, therefore, believe that fair, conscious and eco-friendly production not only benefits the economy and all people involved in the value chain but also contributes to a healthier and greater awareness of environmental issues in society. 

Recycled Polyester

Recycled polyester, also known as rPET, is obtained in the process of melting down existing plastic and re-spinning it into new polyester fibres. To make sure that our products are resistant and long-lasting, rPET is used for our hoodies and beanies. 

Although using rPET has advantages over conventional polyesters, such as preventing plastic from reaching the oceans or landfills and assuring high-quality with fewer resources its use also has disadvantages.   

Not only does recycling have its limitations and impacts the environment as well, recycled polyester also releases microplastics (tiny fragments of any type of plastic less than 5 mm) into the environment .


Shipping is an essential and unavoidable factor in the production of almost all goods.  

In all honesty, until a Brovation hoodie reaches you as a customer, it has travelled around 24,000km across the world. That’s a lot.  

So is there a ‚real‘ way to ship sustainably? None that we or our suppliers and partners know of.  

However, what we do know is that we can reduce waste and compensate for greenhouse gas emissions as much as possible.  

The list below shows how we at Brovation try to make sure that our shipping is as eco-friendly as possible: 

  • greenhouse gas emissions caused by shipping are offset by worldwide projects from our shipping partners 
  • planting at least one tree for every item sold at a location you can vote for!  
  • our partners have started collecting offcuts from organic fabrics in their partner factories. The goal is to use these fabric scraps to make recycled yarn for the production of further product lines. 


As we are a start-up, we do not yet have our own factory. We therefore only work with partners who have been granted sustainability certificates and maintain high sustainable manufacturing standards. 

However, as manufacturing is mainly located in Bangladesh, which is out of our reach, we cannot be present to monitor or to ensure the highest standards of production, hygiene or safety. We believe that awards and certificates are good indications for quality, but recognise that being present would always be better.

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