The Power Of Trees

Since time immemorial, trees have provided us with the two most vital aspects of life, oxygen to breathe and food to eat. As evolution took place, the significance and power of trees increased. They furnished us with many other additional essentials like medicine, shelter, clothing, and tools. Their qualities continue to expand, more usefulness is being perceived every day, and maybe many more are yet to be discovered.

Importance of trees in our lives

Enjoying a serene, aesthetically satisfying environment is only possible due to the presence of trees. The quality of our lives is enhanced by the trees as they bring natural ingredients and wilderness habitats into the urban atmosphere. They provide cool shade and bring in some calmness in our chaotic lives. Providing oxygen, preserving soil, supporting wildlife, and enhancing air quality are some of the many contributions of trees. Filtering out the dust particles and absorbing contaminants like sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide, and nitrogen dioxide, from the air, should not be forgotten while listing all the wonderful contributions of nature. All heroes don’t wear capes. Some wear leaves stand tall and act as walls against a strong wind, heavy rain or sleet, or hail all day long. The greenhouse effect’s heat intensity is diminished by trees by upholding the low levels of carbon dioxide.

Soil erosion can be preserved by deforestation because the roots of trees hold the soil firmly hence stopping it from being eroded. After storms, deposition of sediments is quite possible to happen, but trees soak and store the rainwater reducing runoff and sedimentation. This also helps in recharging the groundwater level. Fallen leaves of trees also make outstanding compost that betters the soil quality.

Trees are valuable and equally majestic. People often tend to build a strong emotional connection with trees. The sentimental virtue of trees is immeasurable and beyond our imagination.

Our existence has been supported by trees since the beginning of time. Not only oxygen, food, medicines, clothes, and shelter but also wood, the first fuel, wood pulp for making paper, timber for construction purposes, manufacturing tools, furniture, and other necessary equipment, are extracted from forests.

Deforestation: A burning issue

In today’s world, deforestation is a burning issue. It creates an imbalance in nature. It trembles the very root. When we look around, we see concrete jungle everywhere but not a single tree to provide clean air to breathe. Of course, we are the very reason for that! Deforestation has led to the conversion of forests into commercially available lands. Soil forfeits its water holding capacity. Low quality of soil and reduced production are two of the many results of deforestation. Eventually, soil in deforested areas turns into arid and dry regions that are unfit for agriculture.

Why is donating trees important?

It is high time we should start thinking about planting trees. We cut down trees for our benefits and then never think of planting another. We have so much time for so many things, so it won’t be a problem if we spend very little time to plant some trees. It’s time to think about the ones that have always supported our existence and will always do. So, we have decided to donate a tree for each sale. We plant one tree today; we secure one life for tomorrow. Trees play a vital role in every community. Let us keep that peaceful environment unscathed and breathe in the fresh air today, tomorrow, and every day – made possible by the power of trees.

If you have any suggestions, further ideas or questions regarding the power of trees, please feel free to contact us or comment below.


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