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Brovation as a sustainable fashion brand

There are countless fashion brands. Small, big, highly specialised, extravagant, sustainable or simply hobby brands founded in a student dorm.

But what all brands have in common is the need for materials, shipping & labour. In this blog post, we want to discuss the crucial differences between Brovation as a sustainable fashion brand and many competitors that lack sustainability and the goal for a healthy planet.

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Lifehacks & Tips

Awesome Ideas for Upcycling 

Awesome Ideas for Upcycling  It can be difficult trying to come up with ideas for upcycling household items. After all, no two families are exactly alike, and therefore any project that benefits the entire household is going to be a little different. If you’re stuck for ideas or would like to see something new coming into your

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The Power Of Trees

Since time immemorial, trees have provided us with the two most vital aspects of life, oxygen to breathe and food to eat. As evolution took place, the significance and power of trees increased. They furnished us with many other additional essentials like medicine, shelter, clothing, and tools. Their qualities continue to expand, more usefulness is

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Lifehacks & Tips

5 Tips On Making Your Lifestyle Sustainable in 2021

Sustainability is integral to the future of our planet. Switching to a sustainable lifestyle is a great way to make some real changes in a meaningful manner. Let us take a look at 5 incredible ways to do so. 1 – Opt for reusable products Although one-time use products such as plastic items are readily

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