It's time for a new chapter

“We are here to inspire and help people to make better and healthier lifestyle choices for themselves and the planet.”

After two years of running Brovation, we realised that offering sustainable fashion is not sufficient for us to create an adequate positive impact on our planet. Therefore, we decided to expand our brand to spur people to live more sustainably and healthy – and that all for free. We feel the responsibility to help where ever we can and cause some good for our planet without making money for it. This is because we genuinely care for our planet and our future generations.

By offering healthy & vegan recipes, life hacks and tips on how to live smarter we hope to inspire many people and show everyone that it is easier to be more aware of one’s environment without having to make big sacrifices.



To impact our community and the environment in the most positive way, we have decided to start a new chapter.

From now on, in addition to offering sustainable fashion, we will also provide content for a healthy and positive lifestyle. This includes healthy recipes, lifestyle hacks and many more things to come.  

By doing this, we are hoping to provide and generate more value for each and everyone.

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