How our partner ‘One Tree Planted’ monitors their tree planting projects

Together with you and our great partner One Tree Planted and their planting projects, we are helping to reforest forests and restore and secure the natural habitats of countless animals. For every product you buy, we donate at least one tree.

However, planting alone is not enough; intensive monitoring work is necessary to ensure that the trees grow in a healthy and sustainable manner.

Our tree planting partner ‘One Tree Planted’ works with over 40 local planting partners in over 40 countries. Through their monitoring strategy, they are able to identify areas where they can improve and scale up their work. The monitoring strategy relies on five pillars.

Project Proposal & Vetting

The first and most important pillar is project vetting. ‘One Tree Planted’ ensures that all their partners have a track record of successful planting projects in order to gain a better overview of the amount and locations of their trees planted. This is done through a series of checks and reviews, including a site visit and a maintenance plan. The project managers also make sure to have a personal relationship with every single one of their planting partners.

Partner Reporting & GPS Verified Photos

‘One Tree Planted’ requires reports from all their planting partners on all projects completed, along with regular updates on tree survival and other measures of success, such as photos that include GPS coordinates. This makes sure that the tree planting process is legit and can be followed at later times.

Drone & Satellite Imagery Monitoring

With drones, ‘One Tree Planted’ collects data on tree visits and are empowering partners to collect their own data for monitoring the first years following planting. In addition, ‘One Tree Planted’ also uses a combination of commercial and public satellite imagery sources to monitor the trees planted by their partners.

Emergent Technology Trials

‘One Tree Planted’ always stays up to date on the latest technology that could potentially improve tree monitoring. They are in active conversations with leaders in this space and continuously engage in on-the-ground trails with new and diverse technologies.

Site Visits

For their keystone partners, One Tree Planted sends experienced forestry and staff members to visit their sites to assess the progress of their project. This allows their team to monitor the operation in real time. In addition, their team gets a full view of the landscapes, seedlings and in-progress operations when visiting these sites.

Their monitoring strategy enables ‘One Tree Planted’ to plant and work as efficient as possible all around the world. By doing this, ‘One Tree Planted’ is also able to contribute to a greener, safer, and healthier planet.


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