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About Us

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Every company has its’ story. Here’s ours.

Hi friends, welcome toΒ Brovation!Β 

We are five close friends who have known each other since childhood. Now that we are students, we wanted to make our passions and visions come to life – so we founded Brovation. β€―Β 

BrovationΒ represents state-of-the-art design and high-endβ€―quality products that help build a betterβ€―world.β€―Our core mission is to provide affordable products with a small ecological footprint, combined with inspirational designs made of sustainable materials. We want to actively contribute to a better world: for each product sold we will plant at least one tree.β€―Β 

Don’t hesitate toβ€―check outβ€―our shop for cool products and remember thatβ€―every time you buy something from us,β€―you are contributing toβ€―buildingβ€―a better world for future generations.

Our Team


Hey, I'm Joey!
I am currently studying medicine and for me, Brovation is a combination of doing good and stylish fashion.


Hey, I'm Rapha!
YouΒ΄ll probably find me on the tennis court, the beach or my desk trying to brovate.


I'm David and no IΒ΄m not that guy you just saw but I'm studying medicine as well. Besides doing good I also try to brovate every day.


Some call me ITguru(); and some refer to me as Moritz - you can call me by your (p)reference!
22 yrs - B.Sc. in IT Management, loves technology.


Hi, I'm Gabe! If you want to make me happy, send me a pair of fancy socks.

Our Timeline

August 2020
Brovation is founded

The idea of Brovation is born in Frankfurt, Germany. Four brothers discuss how to make a positive contribution to our world, leading to the idea of an inspirational, sustainable, eco-friendly, supporting and giving brand. Ideas and designs for products are developed and production of the first collection is started.

November 2020
Brovation Trademark

Brovation is officially trademarked.

November 2020
Launch collection 'Pangea'

On November 27th, 2020, we launched our first collection. For sale are hoodies and t-shirts, each with two colours and three motivational and inspirational quotes on the back.

February 2021
1st batch of trees planted

We planted our first 100 trees which were planted in the Albertine Rift forests of Uganda to protect Chimpanzee habitat.

February 2021
Launch 'Classics' hoodies

We launched our 'Classics' hoodies which represent a timeless and simple design. The Brovation logo is kept monochrome. Hoodies are available in grey and black.

July 2021
Launch 'Classics' t-shirts

We have finally launched our white 'Classics' t-shirts which represent a timeless and simple design. The Brovation logo on the chest is kept monochrome.

July 2021
1st 'Save the Planet' event

On 29th July 2021, we have hosted our first in-person 'Save the Planet' event. For that we have partnered up with Trinitii. We have designed and launched a special edition t-shirt and have planted trees in Uganda to protect Chimpanzee habitat.Β 

August 2021
2nd batch of trees planted

We planted another 120 trees in Ethiopia.

September 2021
2nd 'Save the Planet' event

On 2nd September 2021, we have hosted our second 'Save the Planet' in-person event at Trinitii. For that we have designed and launched another special edition t-shirt and have planted trees in Uganda to protect Chimpanzee habitat.

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