5 Life Hacks for an easier life

Have you ever been wondering how to make better decisions, how to open a jar easily or how to check whether an egg is edible or not? We have got 5 life hacks that will make your life easier, that will help you going forward in your life and will allow you to flex with these in front of your friends.

How to make better decisions - Coin Flip
  1. If you struggle making a decision, flip a coin
    -> While you will be waiting for the outcome, your mind will automatically start wishing for what it wants

  2. If you cannot open a jar or container, run the lid under hot water for 30 seconds
    -> This will facilitate opening it the lid will expand quicker than the jar, forming a gap between the lid and the jar

  3. If a recipe requires the use of onions and garlic, do not put the garlic into the pan at the same time as the onion
    -> Garlic cooks much quicker, therefore, only put it in once the onion is almost transparent

  4. If you see that honey has gone hard and solid, it has not gone bad (honey cannot go off!)
    -> It simply crystallised and can easily become liquid again with some heat

  5. If you want to find out whether an egg has gone off or not, simply drop it in a glass of cold water
    -> If the egg sinks to the bottom and lies flat on its sides, it is very fresh
    -> If it stands on one end at the bottom, it is a few weeks old, but still fine to eat
    -> If it floats to the surface, you should no longer eat it, as it is no longer fresh
Egg in water testing for edibility

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